Make your car insurance fairer and smarter

Safer drivers, fewer accidents & claims

Help drivers understand how their driving behaviours impact their real risk of an accident and accelerate these behavioural changes through gamification and rewards.

Better risk segmentation and pricing

Our scoring system is +3x more powerful than the traditional metrics, helping you offer better prices to safer drivers while reducing up to 40% the costs with claims.

From pay-per-mile to full behavior-based insurance

Launch a groundbreaking car insurance product at your speed, start fast with a simple product and, when prepared, evolve to a full UBI approach.

Frequent and meaningful interactions with your drivers

Offer a set of unique services & in-app features that can help your drivers save time and money, like costs and efficiency monitoring, to build brand awareness & higher user engagement.

Main features & benefits

AI-powered risk profiling

+3x better risk pricing metrics vs. insurance industry standard.

Behavioural education

Offer guidance to your drivers on how to be safer on the road.

Crash detection & analysis

Instant detection of severe accidents and reconstruction of the details and context.

Fuel efficiency & costs

Estimate fuel costs and identify the behaviours that can help drivers save money.

Station search & route planning

Fuel & charging stations’ locations and details, recommended according to the route.

Connected-car compatible

Seamless support of a growing set of OEMs, used standalone or combined with the app.

White-label apps or SDKs

A fast launch with our white-label apps or a tailor-made integration of our native SDKs.

Fully-fledged analysis tools

Rich insights and full UBI program control through analytics portal and fast APIs


Strict compliance with EU’s data privacy policies and best-in-class data security standards.

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