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The Drivit Team
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Are you a good driver?
How much do you spend on a trip? Want some help with your car?

Meet Drivit, an app that helps you in your day-to-day activities
while making you a better driver

Track your
daily trips

Automatically record your trips' key information and see how it all fits into your trips' timeline

Drivit - Driving History

Check your
driving style

See detailed information about each of your trips, including how safe your driving is or an estimate of how much you are spending in fuel

Drivit - Events

Track your

Want to know if you're a fuel-efficient driver? Or how much you spend per week on any given route? Now you can with our new fuel consumption dashboard

Drivit - Evolution

See where to
fuel your car

Need to do a pit-stop? Check for the nearest or cheapest fuel station, or for one that has a specific service available

Drivit - Fuel Stations

How it works

1 . Install the app

Feel free to give it a try, and drop us a line to tell us how it is all going. The app is currently only available for Android 4.0.3+ in Portugal.

2 . Setup an account

Setting up an account is easy and simple, you just have to tell us your car model and to check if everything is well configured for the automatic trip recording to work.

3 . Drivit ahead!

And that is it! Drivit automatically records all your trips, and their key information, without you ever having to take the phone out of your pocket.


Drivit is free and always will be.
Want to give it a try?

  • Get it on Google Play
  • Get it on Google Play