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Helping to transform mobility

We work hard to help transform the way the world moves around and to inspire others to do the same. We’re a group of experts in mobility, engineers, developers and data scientists, who try to help each other to succeed in solving though problems and in building amazing technology.


Driven at pushing innovation

We are constantly looking for people who are deeply passionate about what we do, who are incredible talented and yet humble, who brush aside politics or ego-centric decisions and seek what’s best for the team and who, under no circumstances, say “that’s not my problem”.


State-of-the-art driving analytics

At Drivit we use cutting-edge technology and data to make roads safer and help drivers be more efficient. Our tools for the job range from low-level programming languages for digital signal processing, to cutting-edge machine learning frameworks for fast knowledge discovery.


Transform with us

Dare to not be just another one

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We don’t do hierarchies

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