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The Drivit Team

Our story

Cars have been a cornerstone of social mobility for decades and yet, despite all the technological breakthroughs, it often seems as if they are detached from the rest of our lives.

It doesn’t take much to envision friendlier cars that could help us much more than they do today. We set out to create Drivit not only because we felt frustrated by this incredible potential being wasted, but also because we believed it was well within our grasp to do something meaningful about it.

Our mission is to provide tools capable of helping drivers to address everyday burdens while reducing the impact that the car has in our environment and public space in general. Although the journey is long, we are confident we can prove ourselves worthy of your company.

Feel free to join the ride at any time,

The Drivit team


Carlos Abreu


Although not always self-evident on the outside, Carlos is quite a geek on the inside. He only learned to code at college but quickly found himself overwhelmed by its magic, whether it was in the development of a game, of an aggregator of European music festivals according to his personal tastes, or of analysis algorithms of stocks trends. Late in college he came to study the intricacies of two industries of which he still feels deeply passionate about to this day - the energy and the transportation industries - having worked in both of them either directly or as a strategy consultant before quitting and co-founding Drivit with Gonçalo.

Gonçalo Farinha


Gonçalo’s passion to improve the life of society has been around for some years now. He deeply believes that technology has a fundamental role to play in virtually every problem there is to solve. He has been involved in numerous advanced analytics projects in the healthcare sector, where he helped to extract truly meaningful information from hard data, and in the insurance sector, where he led initiatives to reshape the data strategy of several companies. He now sees the opportunity to bring all this knowledge and drive to make Drivit a product to be proud of, hopeful of the potential it has as an enabler for society.


"Judge me by my size, do you?" Yoda

We are a small team eager to transform the way the world moves around and to inspire others to do the same. Such a feat cannot be achieved without a stunning group of talented people who deeply believe in a vision and have a set of shared values. So we are constantly looking for people who are deeply passionate about what we do, who are incredible talented and productive and yet humble, who brush aside politics or ego-centric decisions and seek what’s best for the team and who, under no circumstances, say “that’s not my problem”.

For now, we’re mainly looking for young engineers with strong coding capabilities to help us out in developing Drivit. If you share our vision and our values, you’ll definitely feel at home!


Av. António Augusto de Aguiar nº24 1ºE 1050-016 Lisbon

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