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The Drivit Team


Drivit can read the information from your car computer using an OBD adapter and your smartphone (currently Android only). In Europe, these adapters are compatible with diesel cars since 2004 and with gasoline cars since 2001.


The best OBD II Bluetooth adapter in terms of security and reliability. The connection to the device is made through a password protected security system which requires one-time physical access to the device. It has a fully automatic standby mode, which means you can leave it plugged-in without the risk of draining your car’s battery.

VGate iCar2

This is one of the few low-cost devices that automatically shuts down after your turn-off the ignition (30 min), preventing battery draining. The inconvenient is that you have to press a button in the device each time you want to wake it up. Furthermore, the Bluetooth connection to the device is not secure, at least until device shuts down. In the overall, it offers a very good value for money, just keep an eye for seller rating as we have experienced reliability issues with some purchases.

Generic OBDII Adapters

These generic OBDII adapters are mostly always-on devices. This means that, if you don’t use your car every day and leave the device plugged into the OBD port at any time, there’s a high risk that your car’s battery will get drained. In terms of security, this also implies a greater constraint as these devices don’t possess any relevant security measures. If price is a concern, and you buy one of these, you should definitely consider unplugging the adapter every time you finish a trip.

* We do our best to stay on top of prices, however, the displayed values are solely indicative and may not reflect current price tags. Additional taxes and costs may apply (especially if you buy overseas) and are not reflected in the shown prices.